Where to Find Pictures For Tumblr

If you want to know how to find photos for Tumblr and where do poeple find hi-res pictures for Tumblr that are free then this Tumblr Tip is for you.  The tutorial has all the sites that you need to visit in order to post pics on Tumblr.

How to Find Photos For Tumblr.

  • Google Image Search: filter the photos to get just the max resolution ones, and type the right words.
  • Vi.Sualize.Us: An image search engine, another good place to find your favourite pics for Tumblr.
  • Creative Commons: This image searcher gather other search engine results and best of all is that these pics are copyright free.
  • ImgFave: This site has a rating system which allows you to find what other people already chose .
  • Flickr: It’s the obvious choice, but not many people know how to use it in order to find their pics for Tumblr
  • Others: Yahoo, Bing and NachoPhoto are other sites to look for photographs for Tumblr.

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  1. natalie

    June 19, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    I have some questions, I just got a tumblr and all of my friends pages look so cool but I cant get mine to look like theirs….
    so here it goes
    1. Where does everyone get the pictures that they blog? Are they reblogging?
    2. Whats a private tumblr?
    3. I want to like “install” my friends theme so how do I do that?
    4. How do I get the “grid theme”?
    5. Do other people see my dashboard or just my first page that I can create?
    6. Why doesnt tumblr work on my ipod?
    7. How do I add music and other cool effects to my blog?
    8. What are some good websites you recommend that might help me to answer all my questions???
    Thank you so much !!!


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