What is the Best Time of The Day to Publish on Tumblr?

Is there such a thing as the optimal time to publish a post on Tumblr, Is it possible to know what is the right scheduling time for queued posts to go live?. According to the hugely popular URL Shortener Site BitLy, Tumblr does have an activity pattern that is predictable ahd behaves quite different from Facebook or Twitter, they recently show several charts displaying the number of clicks their bitly links get through different networks and times of the day where they receive the most traffic from those same networks.

Before you keep reading, the timezone shown in the graphic below is US EST (Eastern Standard Time), so make sure to adjust the hour to your own timezone, or better, to your demographics timezone.

The graphic above shows the days of the week on each row and the hours spread along the columns, starting with midnight.

So, what does the chart says about the best hour/time to publish posts?. Well, you sure at least wait until 4p.m. The optimal hours are between 7pm and 10 pm

What about the days? Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays seem to be the right days to post content if you don’t do it daily and usually use the queue feature.

Source: Bitly.

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  1. geramie

    April 27, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Notice anything else in that graphic? It mirrors an average school week pretty closely, lol. So yeah, you’d probably have to wait until 4pm etc. Haha, you can even see their “bedtimes”. I haven’t checked the average age of the average tumblr user but seems most of my followers and most everyone I know that uses tumblr are still in high school. Since this has really nothing to do with your question I’ll shut-up now. Thought it was interesting. :)

    Personally, I just try to figure out the age of the target audience, adjust for their likely school or work schedule… that and just watch when my feed notice hits the “100+” quicker after refresh.

    Then again… Best time is when “you” feel like it.


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