Tumblr Widgets: The Ultimate List With The Best Tumblr Widgets

The amount of tumblr widgets that you can actually install in your blog is actually endless, we could be days listing them. So we decided to feature the bests only in each different category.

Rest asure that no matter which tumblr widget you are looking for, we’ll write about just the best and most popular ones..

This widget list is on the works, if you think there’s an important category missing, send us a message using our contact form.

List With The Best Tumblr Widgets for Your Blog

    Tumblr Music Widgets

  1. Tumblr Music Players:Though hypster and Streampad are clearly the most popular music widgets for Tumblr, there are literally a dozen more you will find really suitable for your Tumblr. Some of them have a great design, others have a huge & free music library that cannot be matched, like Grooveshark. We also feature some players that cannot be easily identify when you find them and want to add them to your own blog, like Billy Music Player, Playlist.com, Hello Kitty, Mixpod, etc.

  2. Facebook Widget For Tumblr

  3. Facebook Widget for Tumblr:Besides, you can import and add a status box to your sidebar. But not only Facebook, we also wrote guides to install the popular Twitter Widget as well.

  4. Pinterest Widget for Tumblr

  5. Pinterest:If you love sharing photos and your tumblr blog is just about images, then you sure want to try the pinterest widget, that lists your most recent “Pinned” pics on Pinterest.

  6. Email Subscription Widgets for Tumblr:If you have a large followers fanbase, you might find useful collectiing your fans emails so you send your Tumblr blog updates right to their inboxes..

  7. Clock Widgets for Tumblr

  8. Clocks for Your Tumblr Sidebar:Both Analog and Digital Clocks, even with Calendars included are feature on this guide.

  9. Comment Widgets for Tumblr

  10. Disqus for Tumblr:So far, Disqus is the most popular Comment Widget for Tumblr, but Facebook Comments and livefyre are also getting quickly adopted, though they are a bit harder to install.

  11. Formspring Widget for Tumblr

  12. Formspring Widget for Tumblr:If you are a Tumblr heavy user, its highly likely you also have a Formspring account since the ask feature is present on both platforms. You can collect all your question about your tumblr blog on a single Formspring Account if you want to.

  13. YouTube Widget for Tumblr

  14. YouTube Widget for Tumblr:A quick way of adding YouTube widgets to your Tumblr Sidebar.

  15. Hit Counter Widgets for Tumblr

  16. Tumblr Hit Counters Widgets: On this guide, we sum up the most used Hit Counters, both minimalistic that just show online users, and also those that show maps thats display where visitors are coming from.

  17. Tag Cloud Widget for Tumblr

  18. Tag Cloud Widget:Do you Use a hella lot tags for each of your posts and is just not possible to include a link for each one of them?, A tag cloud generator is the solution then, they also look great on almost any blog regardless of the layout.

  19. Chat Widgets for Tumblr

  20. Tumblr Chat Widgets:In case your have a constant flow of visitors to your Tumblr blog, one tool that really help them stay and interact with you and other visitors are live chats, we feature several chat widgets, they are simple to embed and don’t make your theme look bad..

  21. Contact Forms for Tumblr:If the ask feature is not enough and you need a more “formal” method to receive your visitors messages, even allowing those that don’t have a tumblr account to get in touch with you, then these contact forms will allow you to receive emails without exposing directly your address in text..