How to make other people Unfollow you on Tumblr

Truth be told, you can’t possibly make other people unfollow you on Tumblr.  It’s just something you can’t choose unless the other person wants to.  However, there’s an option to block other users.  What this option makes is somehow similar to someone “unfollow” you, since they won’t be able to track your updates from their dashboards or visit you blog from any browser in which they are signed in to Tumblr.  But they can still visit you blog whenever they want as long as they are not signed in.

Blocking other Users on Tumblr.

  1. Go to this url – Tumblr Block.
  2. Now type the username of the person you want to block.

That’s it, and that’s the closest you’ll get from someone unfollowing you on Tumblr.

If you came here looking for way of checking who unfollows you on tumblr. Check our list of Tumblr Follower Trackers. The list has been updated and shows the most popular addons, extensions, scripts and plugin being used by tumblr users right now.

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