How To Add a Spotify Track or Widget Playlist to Tumblr

Spotify is now officially integrated with Tumblr, the company recently release a “Play Button” for all websites, but since Tumblr is not just yet another platform, they get the easiest and best looking player of all. You can now search any song, music band available on Spotify from within Tumblr’s Audio Posts, and with just choosing the songs and creating the post you will have a nice-looking music player along with the track artwork.

It doesn’t end there though, you can also post entire playlists as audio posts as well or choose to embed a widget on your Tumblr sidebar.

Read our guide below and learn how to get spotify on Tumblr

Just one tip before you start reading the tutorial, if you are looking for premade spotify playlists go to

How To Add a Single Spotify Track To Tumblr As An Audio Post

  1. Create an Audio Post, you will see a huge search bar

  2. How To Get Spotify on Tumblr

  3. Once you Enter The Track or Band, a list of results found on Spotify (and Soundcloud) will appear. Click on Track you are interested in.

  4. How To add Spotify to Tumblr

  5. As with any other post, you can add tags, description, etc, before hitting the “Create Post” button

  6. Tumblr Spotify Integration

  7. This is what you get after publishing your post, both a player and a huge album artwork.

  8. Spotify Artwork and Music Player on Tumblr

How To Add a Spotify Playlist As An Audio Post

  1. You need to follow the same basic steps mentioned above, but click on the “Use a URL” link instead.

  2. Spotify Playlist on Tumblr

  3. Paste The Spotify Playlist url on the url field and then hit the “Create Post” button
  4. You will basically get the same player and album artwork, with the exception of a toggle button located on the top right corner of the post, which lets you switch to “Playlist View” and choose any song you want from the list.

How To Embed a Spotify Widget To Tumblr

  1. Go here and paste your spotify track/playlist url and copy the embed code

  2. Spotify Widget for Tumblr

  3. Paste the code in your description box by heading to Customize Theme >> Description Box
  4. You can modify the size of your Spotify Widget by just modifying the width and height parameters

How To Get a Song or Playlist from a Someone Else’s Audio Post

  1. Just click on the <> icon on the top right corner of any audio post and copy either the embed code if you want a widget or the link if you want to publish as an audio post.

You Won’t Be Able To Listen To Any Spotify Track On Tumblr If….

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There are far more options to get your own music player for tumblr, check them all out.

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  1. Fernando Aviles

    April 11, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Looking for information about Tumblr I found your wonderful website. I have already implemented a number of improvements you explain … and are very good, however, to embed a music widget on Tumblr I’ve failed. Something i must be going wrong

    Thank you very much for your work

    Sorry for my poor English level.

    A greeting


  2. Fernando Aviles

    April 11, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    It is impolite.

    I’ve never seen on a website would delete the web address of the person writing a serious comment.

    In any case if you do not want to appear on link, simply removes the form field.

    Surely you will delete this post, … no matter, the comment was read came to who had to do it


  3. Mikala Mortensen

    July 26, 2012 at 4:00 am

    How do you the edit the size of your spotify widget?


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