List of Sites Similar to Tumblr, even an Alternative

Sites like Tumblr. This is a list of websites that are similar to tumblr, or might be an alternative if you are looking for other type of functions. Posterous, Typepad, Blogger, WordPress, Streem are among them. This list is not a vs. post though.

If you know a website that is similar enough to Tumblr to become an alternative, leave a comment and we’ll add it to thelist.


  • Superior e-mail post creation options.
  • Much better when it comes to import content from other blogging platforms.
  • Less limits (more options) for autoposting to other social media sites.


  • Official Widgets that can be quickly installed without messing up your theme
  • Customer support ( if you pay for pro Typepad services)
  • Built-In stats to track your blog activity


  • Big User community
  • ?
  • ?

WordPress. (hosted on

  • More themes to choose from
  • Bigger Support Community (multilanguage)
  • Built-In commenting system with antin-spam

Blogger. (blogspot)

  • Better site positioning in google (for obvious reasons)
  • Huge user support community

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  1. Karlee

    September 2, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I have looked for a new place to go besides Tumblr. Nothing compares.


  2. R2

    March 17, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    You forgot!

    And Publr… but well Publr already shut down i don’t know why.
    And Posterous will shut down on April so I guess Soup will be the next thing we have as a Tumblr alternative.


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