Tumblr Reblog As Feature Explained

First of all, you might need to know why Tumblr implemented this feature. It turns out that they wanted to prevent users’ dashboards to be flooded with walls of text, specially when dealing with users that like to read content on Tumblr and are not so fond of picture posts.

Let’s get started by explaining the basics of the “Reblog As” feature which allows you to change the post type when you reblog it, something you couldn’t do before.

  1. Click on the Reblog Icon on the post you desire to repost
  2. Once the Reblog edition screen appears, you will see that the Reblog As” feature is by default in the “Link” type, simply click on the drop down menu indicated in the picture above and change it to the other two options available “Quote” and “Text”
  3. If you decide to go with the Link type, long text posts will be truncated and the title of your reblog will point to the original article.
  4. As you can see, you can reblog content the old-fashioned way, but just need to do one more click to get it published.

When Dealing with very long text posts, we do not suggest “Reblogging As” Quotes, since you will get a really nasty highlighted wall of text trying to work as the post title.

The users that got annoyed the most are for sure Role Playing ones, since they need to see the full wall of text when reblogging in order to keep the conversation going, a mere link to the reblogged content is not enough.

If your tumblr theme does not work properly with the new “Reblog As” feature or is simply displaying it in a non-desired format, leave a comment below and we’ll try to figure out what’s the problem.

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