Tumblr Private Messages, Is there such a feature?

Does Tumblr have any feature that resembles the private messages option you have as a user in any given Forum?.

The answer is YES, and besides you can choose whether to answer a message and make it private or public, additional features like Fan Mail and other contact form widgets are also available.

How Do You Answer a Message Privately on Tumblr?

  1. Go To Your Tumblr Inbox
  2. Click on Answer on Any Message you;d like to reply To
  3. Right Below the Reply Field, you will See Two Options, one is Publish and the other one is Answer Privately, now you know which one to choose.

Alternatives to Tumblr Private Messages.

  1. Tumblr Fan Mail is something similar to the regular tumblr message, but the only user allowed to send you a message is someone who is following you
  2. If you want to keep further interacting with your users, you should try email subscription forms for tumblr.
  3. Third Party contact forms work marvels as well, and they don’t have limits.
  4. If you have a formspring account, then try installing their ask box widget on your own blog.

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