Tumblr Now Has Facebook Timeline Integration

If you chose to “Share Posts on Your Timeline” within your Tumblr blog settings, your published posts will now be sent automatically to your Timeline, News Feed and Ticker (though you can toggle each post individually before publishing if you decide to keep it in your Tumblr only).

What does this mean exactly?. First of all, your posts will now show more “properly” since Tumblr App is now part of Facebook Open Graph.

Another great feature about the new integration with the Facebook Timeline, is that your content is kept private, that means people reading your timeline will have to visit Tumblr in order to know what’s behind the title, this is great news for publishers hungry for more hits in their blog.

Sending your Tumblr Posts to Facebook will never be the same after this update.

Tumblr posts on your Facebook Timeline, What’s New.

  1. Toggle “Send to Facebook” when posting: You can opt each time you publish a post to not send it to your Facebook Timeline.
  2. Share Replies & Likes on your Facebook Timeline: They get stacked together, so in case you have a gazillion of these notes, they won’t look as spam
  3. Share Likes on your Facebook Timeline.
  4. Check the screenshot below to see how your Tumblr posts should look on a Facebook Timeline:

  5. Tumblr Facebook Timeline Integration

How To Integrate Tumblr with Your Facebook Timeline Profile

  1. If you were already integrated with Facebook through Tumblr’s App, then you should see a update prompt once you log in to Tumblr (We’ve improved Facebook sharing. Upgrade now it reads).
  2. If you were not yet “connected” to Facebook, Go to Blog Settings >> Check the option “Share posts on your Timeline”

  3. Tumblr Facebook Timeline

  4. Remember that you can toggle this option for each post individually, is located on the right sidebar of the post edition screen.

How To Integrate Tumblr with Your Facebook Timeline Page (Brands, Fan Pages, Etc.)

Though this feature was at some point disabled and you needed to use little trick in order to get your tumblr posts on a facebook page, it has now changed and you can easily choose on which on your Pages your want your posts published to.

  1. Go To Blog Settings >> Check Share posts on your Timeline.
  2. After you log in to Facebook you will see a message that says: Tumblr would also like permission to: Manage your pages Tumblr may login as any of your X Pages, including: (A list with your Pages). Click on Allow.
  3. Now, Go Back to your TUMBLR and go to Blog Settings >> Scroll Down until your find the Facebook Option, you should now see a couple more options, including a drop down menu, from which you will be able to choose which page (or profile) you will send your posts to.

  4. Tumblr Facebook Timeline Pages Integration

    You can Finally Send your Tumblr Posts to your Facebook Page Timeline Now.

  5. You can also choose to not have likes and replies populating your Facebook Page.

If you want to get your Facebook Updates on Tumblr, read our tutorial, it’s easy to add a Facebook Feed to your Tumblr Blog.

3 Responses to "Tumblr Now Has Facebook Timeline Integration"

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  1. Jared

    May 9, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    I don’t have that dropdown menu. Can’t figure out why…

    On mac, tried Safari and Chrome.



  2. jude

    July 31, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    i clicked share with timeline and everything else. a couple of my posts showed up on my FB page, a bunch did not.
    and i have never seen a toggle switch to control post by post.

    this is frustrating – especially since this is only help i’ve found & i’m already doing it.

    got any ideas?


  3. Lynn

    January 12, 2013 at 5:39 am

    But, when I click the post in facebook, it takes me to my tumblr page and says “URL not found.” Why?


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