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Here you have the most comple collection of Tumblr Codes to customize your Tumblr Blog. From Cursor Codes to Scrolling Titles, we have them all.

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Scroll To Top Tumblr Code

Scroll To Top Tumblr Button

Specially useful for tumblr blogs with infinite scrolling, this tumblr code will allow your visitors to get back to the top with the simple click of a button. You can also place a scroll to botton icon just in case you feel it fits your layout. Works on all browsers, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Tumblr Blogroll Code

Tumblr Blogroll Code

Just imagine you are following (or have followers) by the hundreds. A simple sidebar blogroll could be loading your site for ages. Then why not creating a Tumblr Blogroll on a different page and displaying your followers’ avatars?. That way you won’t have to worry for loading times.

Tumblr Redirect Code

Tumblr Redirect Code

If you want to move your tumblr blog to a self hosted domain, or just another tumblr url, you sure don’t want to lose your visitors. If this is the case, you can simply add a Tumblr Redirect Code for the entire url so you can get them there in no time.

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