Top 10 Anime Tumblr Blogs to Follow

It wasn’t easy, because not only there are hundreds of Anime Tumblr Blogs outthere, but also they are so many that you can find dozens in a niche like Anime Food, for example.

Thanks mainly to , we made a final selection with the Top 10 Anime Tumblr blogs to Follow

Telling you that these are the best anime tumblr blogs would be subjective, but the ones on this list are certainly popular.

Some Good 10 Anime Tumblr Blogs to Follow

Most Popular Anime Tumblr Blogs We based our list for the top 10 anime tumblr blogs thanks to this huge directory of Anime Tumblr blogs. We don’t lie if we say tha there are more than 20 categories (check the expanded directory page for better navigation). From cute anime girls to anime quotes, you have it all. It also includes Cosplay and Manga Tumblr blogs.

Most Popular Anime Tumblr Blogs Only user submitted “confessions” just related to Anime Series and characters, constantly updated, you can clearly tell they have a large follower base.

Good Anime Tumblr Blogs Yes, this anime tumblr blog is good enough just because it’s original and focuses on food that happens to appear on several series, they are not alone though.

Good Anime Tumblr Blogs A cool Anime tumblr blog that has a bit of everything, GIFs, pretty Girls, pets and more.

Top Anime Tumblr Blogs The name says it all, it focuses on Anime couples only. It’s simply amazing how they can keep the blog updated with just screenshots/pictures of anime couples.

Top Anime Tumblr Blogs A very popular anime tumblr blog with a niche that is more than common in Tumblr, Animated GIFs, the material found there can be endless, and always high quality and worth following.

Top Anime Tumblr Blogs If you are an anime fan, you should already know by now that Shoujo means Girls, so basically, this blog focuses on Anime targeted at young girls.

Best Anime Tumblr Blogs Yes, just Anime quotes both originally posted there and user submitted. It’s all SFW by the way.

Best Anime Tumblr Blogs This category looks also a bit crowded, Anime Fan Art. Unlike others, this one’s good since it’s being contantly updated.

Best Anime Tumblr Blogs Another popular Anime Tumblr blog that mixes Fan Art with animated GIFs.

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