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What are Tumblr Directory Stickers?

Ever wondered what are those Stickers that stand out in any of the directory categories in Tumblr?.  It’s actually known to any Tumblr that is slightly social in this microblogging platform.  Tumblr directory Stickers are small pictures that you have to choose each time you recommend a Tumblelog.  If you want the Tumblr Stickers for your own, whether it is to use them in your Theme or just in a post here is a tutorial to download theme for free.

Tumblr Recommend Stickers

How To Find and Download (and maybe submit) the Tumblr Directory Stickers.

  1. Once signed in, go to to Tumblr Directory, you will get redirected to a random category.
  2. Once there you click on Recommend and you must choose any of the Tumblelogs you are actually following to recommend their blogs, even if you just want the Tumblr Sticker for your own use, you need to do this.
  3. To save and download the pics, right click on any of them and Save Image As…..

NOTE: If you want to include any of the Tumblr Directory Stickers in your recommend submit form, take into accound the following…..they cost real world money, yes, you need to pay $1 for this virtual item.