Pinned Posts Feature No Longer Available on Tumblr

Most of you will be glad to know that Pinned Posts are no more. Tumblr recently disabled the pinned posts payed feature. What this option basically did was to keep your chosen posts on top of all your followers’ dashboard for 24 hours for the price of USD $5.

But wait, there’s more; after the dashboard redesign that took place a few days ago, the “Highlight” option, that was available for just USD $2 allowed you to tag your post in the dashboard.

But Why?

The initial feedback towards pinned posts was absolutely negative, and the trend just remained the same. Memes were created and some posts with posters claiming to unfollow people if they dare to pin a single piece of content got hundreds of thousands of reblogs. Even Newsweek got quite upset about the feature, writing a small complaint about it.

“We don’t want our tumblr friends to lose out on any monies. With that in mind, we’re announcing a last-minute moratorium on all unfollows related to pins while the nwktumblr legislature has more time to review the policy.”

Considered the mainly negative feedback, Tumblr chose not to go the direction of Digg, ignoring theirs users just to heavily plummet in traffic later.

Apparently, Tumblr is no rush to make some profits and just disabled the feature without previous notice.

Several Firefox and Chrome addons were updated to avoid getting flooded with pinned posts, fortunately, the nightmare is over.

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