Tumblr Reblog As Feature Explained

First of all, you might need to know why Tumblr implemented this feature. It turns out that they wanted to prevent users’ dashboards to be flooded with walls of text, specially when dealing with users that like to read content on Tumblr and are not so fond of picture posts.

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How To Avoit Getting The Gray Box on Tumblr for Gifs and other Pictures

There are two main methods to get rid of the gray gif box on Tumblr and let your readers enjoy your GIFs and other regular pictures as well from the dashboard.

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What is the Best Time of The Day to Publish on Tumblr?

Is there such a thing as the optimal time to publish a post on Tumblr, Is it possible to know what is the right scheduling time for queued posts to go live?. According to the hugely popular URL Shortener Site BitLy, Tumblr does have an activity pattern that is predictable ahd behaves quite different from Facebook or Twitter, they recently show several charts displaying the number of clicks their bitly links get through different networks and times of the day where they receive the most traffic from those same networks.

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Pinned Posts Feature No Longer Available on Tumblr

Most of you will be glad to know that Pinned Posts are no more. Tumblr recently disabled the pinned posts payed feature. What this option basically did was to keep your chosen posts on top of all your followers’ dashboard for 24 hours for the price of USD $5.

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How To Import Your WordPress Blog Into Tumblr

We’ve finally found a solution that allows you to import your wordpress posts into Tumblr (the other way around means the same, to export your wordpress posts to tumblr). Until now, Getting your Tumblr Content into WordPress (self-hosted or not) is far more easy, just by judging the amount of plugins and scripts available.

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How To Make a Banner for Tumblr

Making a banner for Tumblr is actually easy. However, people usually have a hard time trying to add the banner on Tumblr, since they just don’t know where to put the code.

This guide is divided into two parts, the first one tells you the best sites to create the banner. The second part is the actual tutorial that tells you how to put that banner on your site.

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How To Backup Your Tumblr Blog

Even though Tumblr has a theme restore function, it still lacks a built-in option to move your tumblr to another location, or import posts from another blog.

That is why always wise to backup your tumblr blog, specially before your tumblr blog gets suspended without previous notice.

But bear in mind, that media such as music or images will have to be download using different tools from those featured here, but don’t worry, we also have tutorials for that.

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How To Restore (and BackUp) a Tumblr Theme

If you’ve made of your tumblr theme a major mess and think you need to start from scratch reinstalling the original layout, we have good news for you.

Tumblr has a feature that allows you to recover an old version of your theme back, actually, the last 20 versions are stored.

Bear in mind that you will just restore the layout, not the content itself.

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How To Find People on Tumblr

Ever wondered if any of your real-life friends actually had a Tumblr account and never told you, here’s how you can find them

the “Tumblr Search People” feature locates any of your Yahoo or Gmail contacts by their email address, not their First or Last Names.

It’s also important to remark that the email that needs to be scanned in order to pull up any possible matches doesn’t necessarily have to be your main log-in Tumblr email.

If you happen to search and find a ton of your friends with Tumblr accounts, this will definitely help you become Tumblr Famous.

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