Keep Your Old Tumblr URL after Changing the Name to a New One

This Tumblr Tip is an easy one but a very effective one.  If you want to change your Tumblelog URL but, at the same time, want to keep it so noone else can grab the old Tumblr URL here is what you have to do.

Keeping Your Old Tumblr URL.

  1. Choose the Tumblelog you want to change the URL, go to Customize >>> Info and change the URL to a new one.  Save and Close.
  2. Go back to your Dashboard and create a new blog.  Now choose your old Tumblelog URL as the direction for this new Tumblelog and that is it, noone else will be able to “steal” your original name.

NOTE: Remember, if you have been working on this particular Tumblr for a long time and have acquired many backlinks, you will lose all this credit and the visitors will get an error page from the link pointing back to your old blog.  This doesnt aply to reblogs of course.

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