How To Use Tumblr Publish On Feature

Since the “Publish Time” field doesn’t do what it should, that is showing a pop up mini calendar where you can indicate the exact day and time of publishing your post, we’ll provide you with two ways of entering the Date Format when using the Tumblr “Publish On” feature.

Finally, you can check the queue in order to verify that the Publish On feature worked as intended, the post should be there. Notice that this publishing option mainly differs from “add to queue” in that the latter already has a default publishing time set

How To Use Tumblr Publish On Correct Date Format

  1. First Method: Using the default example given, type next WEEKDAY,EXACTHOURPM/AM. Example:

  2. next tuesday, 10am

  3. Second Method:This way of filling the field “Publish Time:” is much more convenient, since it leaves no place for mistakes, by entering the exact Month, Day and Time. Example

  4. March 5, 10:05am

    Tumblr Publish On Feature

  5. Now, after you’re done with the post, click on Schedule Post.

  6. Tumblr Schedule Post

  7. The next step should ve to verify that the post was actually scheduled for the indicated Date and Time. Go to your specific Tumblr Blog >> Queue and check if the post was scheduled, as well as if the Date and time of publishing are correct. If it’s not there, then it means that you didn’t enter the publishing time as we told you to.

  8. Tumblr Publish On Queue

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  1. Travis

    March 8, 2012 at 4:33 am

    I couldn’t get tumblr to recognize the date until I placed the date before the month, like this:

    5 march, 10am


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