How To Sync a Tumblr RSS Feed and a Facebook Page

We certainly know that the old method to sync your tumblr blog and a facebook fan page no longer works, since Facebook disable regular RSS Feed imports.

However, and thanks to a little but powerful app, you can now again, export your tumblr feed into a Facebook Fan Page.

Notice we are not talking about personal Facebook profiles, since that can be easily done through Tumblr settings.

How To Add Your Tumblr Feed To A Facebook Page

In order to add your Tumblr RSS Feed to a Facebook Fan Page so it can import it automatically, we’ll use a Facebook App called NetworkedBlogs. This way you will be able to stream your Tumblr Posts directly through a Facebook Page.

  1. Go to blognetworks facebook app. Make sure you already logged into Facebook
  2. Once inside the app, you need to set up a profile
  3. Now, click on Register a Blog, which is located on the upper top side of the screen.
  4. Enter all the details, the first being your main Tumblr domain. The Tumblr Blog RSS Feed should be auto detected, if not, it’s always located by adding /rss to your main domain. One you are finished, click on Next and claim yourself as the blog author if that is correct.

  5. This is the key part to integrate your Tumblr Blog and Your Facebook Page so you automatically get your tumblr RSS feed imported into a facebook fan page, this is done by creating a blog tab on your FB page.
  6. Go to your facebook search box and type the following word NetworkedBlogs, exactly as it is shown here, Click on the magnifying glass right next to the search box, so all results are displayed.
  7. On the left sidebar, click on Apps, After that, click on View App from the only result displayed. (if you are using Facebook thoughr your page, you will be asked to change to your main personal profile first)
  8. Click on the Syndication Link.

  9. Sync Facebook Page and Tumblr Blog

  10. Now, you need to choose a blog to syndicate, since this is your first time using the App, you will only have 1 blog to choose from
  11. Choose where you’d like to publish posts to. You need to add your Facebook Fan Page as the target to automatically publish the feed from your tumblr blog (that you already added to NetworkedBlogs directory). After that save the settings

  12. Sync Facebook Fan Page and Tumblr

  13. To test if your Facebook Fan Page and your Tumblr Account are synced, just publish a test post in your tumblr blog and you will see it appear in your Facebook Page Wall.

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  1. CErixsson

    January 7, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    Works perfect! You can also go via networkedblogs dashboard instead of the app


  2. Marc

    March 22, 2013 at 10:54 am

    Would this also import all my old tumblr post, or will it only sync new ones AFTER I start using the App?

    If anyone knows a way to import your old tumblr post to a facebook fan page, which does not require that i do it manually, I would be very happy. Thanks!


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