How to Make your Tumblr Background Transparent (and PICTURES as well)

This tumblr tutorial is both for creating transparent background pictures and also to learn how to create transparent images with the help of a graphic editor.

How to create a Transparent Tumblr Background

  • Go to
  • Ctrl + F and then search for background:
  • You can indeed find multiple background tags, but only one of them is the right one to replace in order to make your background transparent
  • Now delete everything that comes after the background: tag until the first ; mark and replace it with the word transparent
  • Save the them modification and close it.

How To Create Transparent Pictures for Tumblr

In the tutorial video below, you will find how to create transparent images with the help of photoshop. What you get with this is is seeing your tumblog background, but the image can still be seen as it remains translucid. Pay attention to the point where the the file is “save for Web”, as you might know, PSD documents cannot be uploaded to tumblr.

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