How To Become Tumblr Famous

Even though Tumblarity has been taken away a long time ago, tumblr users are still eager to become Tumblr Famous, it’s pretty much like a micro world where they could be recognized and liked hundreds of times a day

Getting Tumblr Famous briefs in only two words; Tumblr Followers, and the more real followers you have the more popular you become, the formula is actually that simple.


  1. HOP ON A TOPIC THAT IS HUGELY POPULAR: If you want to haul thousands of followers to your tumblr blog, then posting pictures of African Red Frogs won’t cut it, unless of course, your tumblr gets featured in a mainstream tech news portal. Just focused on a single widely popular niche, pictures, animated gifs, news, quotes, everything is fine as long as it is related to it.

  2. TAGS ARE THE KEY TO IT ALL: Have you ever tracked a highly used tag?, in a matter of a couple of minutes, it can be posted dozens of times. Always add multiple related tags to your posts, but don’t abuse them and pile them up by the dozen, since you could be crossing the limit to what’s known as tag spam, and that is punished with account suspension (no, we are not kidding).

  3. POST WITH REGULAR FREQUENCY, BUT DON’T SPAM: You have two handy features to make sure you are consistent throughout the week, or month with the updates, one is the queue, which you can load up with dozens of posts, and the other is the “Publish On” feature, but the first works better, since you just set up the posting frequency and allows you to spit posts several times a day if you want to.

  4. TUMBLR FAMOUS ACCOUNTS DON’T DO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW: If you trully want to become Tumblr Famous, you will notice that getting on Tumblr Trains and follow swaps don’t last long, since users just follow you for a short period of time, unfollowing you right after hoping you don’t notice, besides, you don’t want to see your dashboard flooded with totally unrelated and sometimes NSFW material.

  5. FOLLOW JUST THE BEST RELATED TUMBLR BLOGS: In a platform with millions of blogs you won’t be alone in your category, that’s for sure, just follow those Tumblr blogs that do publish original material related to your niche, and feel free to reblog them to get noticed, the earlier you do that, many other users will notice your note at the bottom of the reblogged post.

  6. PATIENCE IS THE KEY: You won’t get thousands of followers overnight, set a long term objective, let’s say one year, to become Tumblr Famous and be followed by thousands of other real users. If you buy them, which is something you can do, you will only get to be followed by bots, they are just empty accounts. Besides, as time goes by and you get more and more followers, the virality of your content will be exponential, so it gets easier, we promise.

  7. ASK RELATED TUMBLRS FOR BLOGROLLS: Though you do need to wait a couple of months before start asking other fellow tumblrs if they want to swap links so you both get featured in the sidebar area, it does work, but as we said, wait until you have enough amount of posts to look like a legit tumblr blog, and not just a spammer that started yesterday.

  8. CREATE A THEME: Now, this tip is not for everyone, and you need to know quite a bit about html and css to make a good looking layout that other people want to use, but many popular tumblr users have their own homemade theme sets that share for free, for each install you get a credit that points to your Blog.

  9. CREATE ORIGINAL MATERIAL: Yes, learning to make your own animated gifs, photosets and pictures with quotes yields amazing results, you will notice that followers soon realize if your posts contain original material or not, try to watermark both your original pictures and animated gifs to make sure that even if someone else “borrows” your content, your url will still show up at the bottom of the pic.

  10. ALLOW OTHERS TO SUBMIT CONTENT: Interact with your followers by allowing to post related material, many Tumblr Famous blogs get a lot of the content from user submitted material.

  11. PHOTO POSTS ARE NOT ENOUGH: There are several free tools outthere to edit both audio and video, you can create “Fan Clips” and upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and make one step further to become Tumblr Famous

  12. POSTING PICS OF YOURSELF IS NOT MANDATORY: In fact, we don’t recommend at all that you expose yourself in videos and pictures, since becoming Tumblr Famous implies receiving lots of hate anon messages as well, whether you like it or not.

How To Become Tumblr Famous

Good Luck Becoming Tumblr Famous

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  1. Eric

    July 25, 2012 at 5:09 am

    Heard that the tumblr follower train is a spam and can lead to a tumblr blog getting hacked. Is that true?


  2. Ashish Singh

    October 6, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    Can you give me tips or help me becoming a tumblr famous guy? Please. It’s been almost a year I made my tumblr and I have only 704 followers. I follow only 64 tho. But I don’t often gain much. Even if I do, they unfollow me after few days bc I don’t follow them back. Please help me. It seems useless now.


  3. Terra

    March 25, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Seriously, I’ve had my account for about a year now and I’ve only got 80 followers…


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