How To Avoit Getting The Gray Box on Tumblr for Gifs and other Pictures

There are two main methods to get rid of the gray gif box on Tumblr and let your readers enjoy your GIFs and other regular pictures as well from the dashboard.

Tumblr Gray Box of Death

Technique 1

In case you already posted the GIF or image and your followers or you only get to see the gray image frame, then try editing the post by clicking on the “Edit HTML Source” button (located to the right of the post toolbar). Once there, just make sure to delete the number that is located before “media” in the image file url, for instance

Must be changed to (notice we also deleted the dot before “media.)

Technique 2

This method seems to work much better in most cases when getting the gray boxes of death. Simply delete the content of the post where you can’t manage to get the gif to display and do the following;

  1. Click on the “Edit” button, last one on the right side of the post
  2. Delete everything in the post, or at least delete the image code not displaying.
  3. Download the GIF or picture not showing to your own computer.
  4. Click on the “Upload Image” icon and choose the file you just downloaded.
  5. Save

GIF Posting Guidelines on Tumblr

If you are hosting the GIF picture on Tumblr, make sure is less than 1mb in size and is under 500 pixels in width and 750 pixels in height.

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