How To Add Disqus Comments To Tumblr

The most popular comment widget for Tumblr is without a doubt, Disqus.  It’s being used not only here but also in platforms like blogspot and free wordpress blogs, the reason for it is that is easy to install and embed in your tumblr theme, nice looking and has tons of customizable features.  It’s works a lot like a micro forum for each of your posts.

Inserting Disqus Comments Box code in your Tumblr Theme.

  1. First of all, you need to register the Tumblr you are going to embed the Disqus comments in right Disqus for Tumblr installation instructions. Just make sure to locate the following code in your theme:  {/block:Posts}. Now, the block: posts tag you are looking for is the last one, in case there's more than one.
    Also, go to customize >>> Appereance >> and check out if you have a box for a Disqus shortname, if you do, you just have to insert the shortname provided by Disqus and you are ready to go, otherwise, you need to add the code manually.
  2. Once you added the code, both for the comments box and the “number of comments” tag save and close.

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