How To Add A Clock Widget To Tumblr

Here is a list of clock widgets for Tumblr. They can be easily added to your Tumblr blog, by pasted the embed Clock Code given by the websites below.

You can choose from a range options, (e.g. digital clock, analog clock, differente timezones, etc.)

Another useful Tumblr widget similar to these clocks are the hit counters, give them a try as well.

Tumblkr Clock Widget Codes

  1. freebloghitcounter definitely offers the best looking Clock Widgets. By far the most customizable clock of all, you can choose size, backgrounds. You can only choose analog clocks though.
  2. localtimes. If you want ot add a digital clock plugin to your tumblr blog, then go for one on the link provided, depending on the clock counter you choose, you will get different time zones.
  3. worldtimeserver. Another cool analog clock easily customizable.

  4. Tumblkr Countdown Clock Widget Codes

  5. widgetbox. As usual, this site offers a big lists of countdown clock widgets that you can install in your tumblr.
  6. countingdownto. If you are planning an event, and want to show it off to your users, this countdown widget will sure make your visitors know it.

Tumblkr Clock Widget Codes

  1. Just paste the embed code that these sites give you in the description box in your Tumblr Theme Customize control panel.

Flag Counters are also very popular amongst Tumblr Blogs since they show where visitors are located.

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  1. Heidi

    July 30, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    helloo :)

    i’ve tried multiple times to customize my blog. I have a hard time understanding html, but a lot of times you just have to copy and paste the html into your description box. This never works for me, would you happen to know why?



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