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How to Make your Tumblr Background Transparent (and PICTURES as well)

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How To Stretch Tumblr Background Pictures

Stretching a background image is extremely easy when you have background that repeats itself horizontally, just requires a line of html code added to your tumblr theme. This tip is really good for those that find their background images duplicate several times, by doing this, you will make your background photo just big enough to exactly fit the screen width, and auto adjusting depending on the user screen size.

Make your Tumblr Image Not Repeat

  1. Go to
  2. Click on EDIT HTML
  3. Ctrl + F = body {
  4. Add the tab found below between the body tag lines.
background-size: cover;

All Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Notice these tumblr keyboard shortcuts are meant only to be used on the dashboard. Each time you want to navigate the dashboard with this method, start by pressing the letter J, which will select the the first visible post in the dashboard, from that on, each time you scroll down, the following post will be selected. Of course this method does not work on mobile devices like Android and iOS for iPad and iPhone

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Action
J you scroll down selecting the following post in the dashbord, each time you press the key, you select the following post
K move backwards/up in the dashbard, doing the opposite action of pressig the J key
L You like the current selected post in the dashboard.
N display the notes for the selected post in the dshboard
shift + r you do a fast reblog, without escaping the current dashboard you are in
x + click You do a fast reblog but in your secondary blogs
shift + e you add the current selected post to the queue
z + tab switches the blog in your dashboard (your own blogs, if you have more than one)
CTRL + SHIFT + Z the icons in that bar thing show up on ur screen like floating there u won’t lose your tumblring spot, creating a fixed top post types bar that never dissapears
Space Bar opens a photoset or video if the post currently selected belongs to that type
Remember, for all the shortcuts to work properly, start pressing the J key, otherwise you won’t have any post selected and the function will not work. Missing-E has other shortcuts different from the ones listed above.

Tumblr Reblog As Feature Explained

First of all, you might need to know why Tumblr implemented this feature. It turns out that they wanted to prevent users’ dashboards to be flooded with walls of text, specially when dealing with users that like to read content on Tumblr and are not so fond of picture posts.

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How To Find People on Tumblr

Ever wondered if any of your real-life friends actually had a Tumblr account and never told you, here’s how you can find them

the “Tumblr Search People” feature locates any of your Yahoo or Gmail contacts by their email address, not their First or Last Names.

It’s also important to remark that the email that needs to be scanned in order to pull up any possible matches doesn’t necessarily have to be your main log-in Tumblr email.

If you happen to search and find a ton of your friends with Tumblr accounts, this will definitely help you become Tumblr Famous.

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How To Choose a Good Tumblr Name

So you’ve been thinking of a Good Tumblr Name but none seems to fit what your new blog will be all about?.

Below we’ll share some techniques that might help you come up with a good tumblr url.

But before you start reading, choosing the a right tumblr name for your blog is a good idea, since it could very well mean the difference between getting reblogged a lot more, or helping other users know what your blog is all about.

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How To Reply With A Picture To Questions

This is how you reply with a picture to questions made using the Ask feature

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How To Become Tumblr Famous

Even though Tumblarity has been taken away a long time ago, tumblr users are still eager to become Tumblr Famous, it’s pretty much like a micro world where they could be recognized and liked hundreds of times a day

Getting Tumblr Famous briefs in only two words; Tumblr Followers, and the more real followers you have the more popular you become, the formula is actually that simple.

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Cannot Use Ask Feature on Tumblr?, This is How to Fix it

Since we keep receiving mails from Tumblr users who just can’t use the Tumblr Ask Feature, since every time they click on the link they receive the Ask Error message telling them that the feature is not available yet (?), we decided to test a series of possible “fixes” for this issue

Unfortunaly, none of them worked and the “Ask Me” is not working after all these tries.

A direct email to Tumblr support team might be the only way to get your account revised and get the ask function available again.

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