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Tumblr Follower Checker Script List

We published several articles in the past that wrote about finding out who unfollowed you on Tumblr. But since all of the tumblr follower checker scripts no longer work (due to Tumblr changing their API policy) we decided to feature to tumblr follower trackers that actually work, XKit and Unfollower Hater.

This list of addons to track followers on tumblr does not include the hugely popular Missing-E, since they eliminitated the unfollower tracker feature as well from their App.

TumblrStalkr has been redesigned and it’s working well again, it should be the best since it works on all browsers

Check out the the scripts below and installation instructions.

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A Cool Looking Tumblr Tag Cloud Generator

This tool in particular will make a post showing displaying your own Cloud Tags plus some other interesting stuff.  There is another Tumblr Tag Cloud Generator where you need to paste some code in your Theme html to show an always updated cloud, which I will write about in another post.
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Find Out Who Unfollows You On Tumblr

We recently found what could be called “the most looked forward option in Tumblr”, one that let’s you find out who unfollows you on Tumblr.  We installed it and it actually worked perfectly.

To be more precise this is a Tumblr Script, not a plugin, since it gets installed in the browser.  Given recent changes made by Tumblr many unfollower tracker scripts no longer work.  Follow the tutorial below to show who unfollowed you on Tumblr.

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Post and Update Tumblr from WordPress Automatically

If you own and run your own WordPress blog and were looking to update your Tumblr account automatically each time you published on wordpress, there’s a plugin for that, It’s called Tumblrize, and allows you to automatically publish a post on Tumblr when you update your WordPress blog.  This plugin actually goes beyond and keep your WordPress posts in sync with your Tumblr posts, for instance, if you delete a post on wordpress, it will also be gone on Tumblr (not the other way around), same thing happens when you edit an article.  And there’s more:

  • You can use your Tumblr Groups
  • Can send your wordpress tags to your tumblr tags
  • You can auto link to the original article

Read the following instructions to find out how to connect and integrate WordPress and Tumblr.

How to Send Your WordPress Posts to Tumblr Automatically.

  1. Download the plugin Tumblrize
  2. Unzip the folder and upload it to wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to your Tumblrize plugin option and enter your Tumblr email and password
  5. Configure all the options

That’s it, now you can send all your wordpress posts to your Tumblr account without having to update it manually.  Do not mistake this function with importing posts from wordpress to Tumblr.