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How to Let People Answer Your Posts or Questions on Tumblr?

We bet you’ve find the “answered” label in lots of posts and you are still wondering how replying to posts work, specially after Tumblr’s latest redesign. It turns out that there are several aspects to allow other people answer your posts or the other way around, your account being able to reply to questions from other users.

Activate Replies For Your Posts

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the Tumblr Blog that you want to activate answers
  • In the Replies section check
    “Allow replies from people you follow” and “Allow replies from people following you for more than two weeks”
  • Notice that people YOU DO NOT FOLLOW or PEOPLE that follow you for less than Two Weeks cannot answer. This is the main reason you cannot reply to any given post in Tumblr, you need to have some sort of previous connection.

Creating Tumblr Questions and Letting People Reply

Questions can be considered some sort of sub-post type.

  • You need to add a question mark at the end of the title. As soon as you add the question mark, the field “Let people answer this” will show up. Check it and EVERYBODY will be able to answer that question.

Related FAQs.

  • If someone replies to one of my posts, how do I then reply to them?
  • The only way to reply to replies is by using Missing-E extension, available for Firefox and Chrome, the option will not appear otherwise.

  • Can’t reply to random posts, Why?
  • There can be 3 reasons because you cannot reply to question/posts in Tumblr.

  • You do not need special HTML code or any type of script to let people reply to your posts, the problem is not in the theme but in the settings.
  • how do you respond to people commenting on your text posts?
  • when the little blue notification shoes up just copy at paste it & publish as a text post

  • If you just can’t find the chat icon to reply to a post, just reblog it and add a comment. This comment will end up showing in the same streamline where replies are shown, that is at the bottom of the post.

Can’t Unfollow Deleted Tumblr Blogs

Jenny Asked:

Hi,there are people with no url under my “following XXX people”, and I can’t unfollow them. Whenever I click unfollow a box pops up telling me there’s tech difficulty and to try again later. I was wondering is there a way to unfollow these blank blogs?

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Can You Mass Unfollow People on Tumblr?

James Asked:

I’m currently following more than 3,000 thousand people on tumblr and since I suspect that most of them are not following back, I’d like to get mass unfollow them just like you do with the mass post editor.

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Tumblr Reblog Button Isn’t Showing

Chelsea Asked:

Hi, my reblog button isn’t showing along with the others buttons that should be up there along with it. Whenever I go to someone’s tumblr in the corner it says: “Follow” and “Join Tumblr” and this is while I am logged in. Most of the people I reblog, I follow. The only way I can post pictures is if I find them myself or if there is a picture I like from someone else’s page; I have to save that picture, upload as my own but link the person’s blog under the picture. It’s really frustrating, and I was wonder is there anything you can do to fix it. If not, I may have to delete my account and I don’t want that.

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Tumblr Account Suspended ?. Can You Get It Back?

Sam Asked:

My tumblr apparently got suspended :( I don’t know why, I have not spammed or done anything that might lead to suspension. I really had many websites and things on my tumblr that I’ve worked for a long time, so I am really upset that my account was suspended without any notification of why, how long or how. Can you please look into it? I never did anything wrong and I would really like it if I had my tumblr account back. Thank you so much

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How To Reactivate a Deleted Tumblr Account

Kelsie Asked:

Is there anyway possible that my account could be reactivated again? I have accidentally deleted it ):
I tried to make a new account under the one i originally had. Obviously i didnt know what i was doing so i tried to delete the new one i made but deleted my original account instead. I would really appreciate it if you could do anything to get my account reactivated.

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How To Temporarily Deactivate your Tumblr Account

Emma Asked:

Hello. Is there any way I can temporarily deactivate my entire Tumblr account (all blogs at the same time) to get it back a few weeks later without deleting it forever?.

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Getting Your Avatar to Show Up on Your Tumblr Blog

Ann Asked:

I’ve been uploading a picture for tumblr so many times, but it doesn’t show on my actual tumblr page. I can see my picture when I am on my dashboard but when I go on my Tumblr page, my picture/avatar is not there. How am I supposed to fix that?

Ann, your Avatar, a.k.a. Portrait Photo is displayed through a series of special tags that are commonly included within your Tumblr HTML, for what you are telling us, it seems they are just not there, many themes do not have these tags. Anyways, you can read our tutorial that tells you how to make your avatar display on your tumblr blog.


How To Link Within The Same Page or Post on Tumblr

ef jeden blog Asked:

I just found your web site and I need to ask you one question. I am writing in Polish about Formula 1 on Tumblr. I was trying to find the way of implementing html code which would allow my readers to go straight to a certain point of single post without scrolling whole text down. Is there a particular html code of some sort to create a link within same single post? What I’m thinking of is to add a table of content (index) at the beginning of each post with a list of chapters. The reason for that is, that after a new post was published often I’m editing it by adding some extra chapters and as it might come unnoticed by my readers I need to indicate that. So I decided to list added chapters directly underneath the title of the post. What I am trying to ask you here is if there is a way to make those listed newly added chapter’s titles clickable, so every reader, who already read the original text could simply click on newly added chapter and spare himself a trouble of scrolling down the page to find it?

Of course!, in the HTML world, this is known as anchor linking. It’s basically when you set a link to point to a certain part of the same page where the link is located, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an anchor (always use the html edition window when doing this), give the “name” parameter whatever title you want, and put all the text or title you want within the a tags, example below:

  2. <a name="chapter4">Chapter Title</a>

  3. Now, create that link you were talking about, pointing it to the anchor described above, example below

  4. Click <a href="#chapter4">here</a> to read chapter 4.

  5. Always remember when creating the link, to add a # to the href parameter.