Blocking Tumblr Followers

Blocking Tumblr Followers is not an option that immediately gets noticed in the dashboard menu, actually it doesn’t even appear.  However,the option is indeed accesible through this Tumblr Block url.  You can either enter a Tumblelog url or a username that you desire to block and that is it.

You may also need to know how do you see your followers on Tumblr.

How To Block Users on Tumblr

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username (blog name) you want to block, press enter, thats it

Even after blocking a user on tumblr, they can still visit your blog from the main page. Blocking is just useful when you want to prevent them from sending you messages or asking questions, even appearing in their dashboard feed. So if you are still getting bothered or harrased, you might want to report them.

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