Billy Music Player for Tumblr

If Hypster‘s songs menu is just not enough and you cannot find the tracks you are looking for, then you should try Billy Music Player for Tumblr. This music widget is as tiny as the Hypster one, and the good thing is that you can upload your own MP3 Files to it, making sure that the music playlist won’t get deleted.

How Add Billy Music Player on Tumblr

  1. Once you have all MP3 Files uploaded (see note below regarding MP3 Files uploads) go here.

  2. Tumblr Billy Music Player

  3. Paste one by one, all the MP3 urls that you obtained from your hosting.
  4. Choose Whether To Autoplay or Not.
  5. Click on Generate Code
  6. Grab the Billy Music Player Embed Code and paste in your Description Box.
  7. If you need to see one example of Billy in action, just check the small player right next to the logo in the same code generating page.

  8. Billy Music Player for Tumblr

Where Do You Find MP3 Files to use on Tumblr?

If you want to put Billy Music Player on Tumblr, you will need direct url paths to your MP3 Files, Dropbox, Webfilehost and FileDropper and are good sites to upload those MP3s once you have them. If the track you want included in your Billy Music Player is on YouTube, you can create an Mp3 file for free, converting the videos in sites like or

Of course, there are several more tumblr music players available, so check them all out and choose.

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