Best Tumblr Hit Counters available Online for Free

Here is a compilation with the best tumblr hit counters that available online totally free. You should not mistake these tumblr widgets with a tumblr visitor tracker, since the latter offer a lot more of information about the visits you receive, gathering stats like time they stayed, pages they visited, etc.

A Tumblr Hit Counter just shows off to your visitors how many people have reached your tumblr during the last, day, week, or since the very first day they were installed.

And considering you can trick the widget by inserting the initial number you want to start with, it’s just a tool to have fun with.

Best Tumblr Hit Counters Online List

  1. Hit Counter HTML Code. Well, the name says it all, you can give the counter an Initial start count of your counter !!.

  2. Tumblr Hit Counter Online

  3. ewebsitecounter has the fanciest icons among all tumblr hit counters available for free. You can choose from many different layouts, including animals and seasonal pics.

  4. Tumblr Hit Counter Online

  5. Hit-Counter, definitely the most popular tumblr online counter outthere. Please be careful when entering the details for your blog since the site it’s full of ads.

  6. Tumblr Hit Counter Online

Let us know if you find any other hit counter that seems to stand out from the ones on this list.

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  1. Maher

    June 4, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    I use And I like it :D accurate and cool


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