How To Create a Rounded Music Player for Tumblr

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Example Rounded Music Player


How to Make your Tumblr Background Transparent (and PICTURES as well)

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How To Stretch Tumblr Background Pictures

Stretching a background image is extremely easy when you have background that repeats itself horizontally, just requires a line of html code added to your tumblr theme. This tip is really good for those that find their background images duplicate several times, by doing this, you will make your background photo just big enough to exactly fit the screen width, and auto adjusting depending on the user screen size.

Make your Tumblr Image Not Repeat

  1. Go to
  2. Click on EDIT HTML
  3. Ctrl + F = body {
  4. Add the tab found below between the body tag lines.
background-size: cover;

All Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Notice these tumblr keyboard shortcuts are meant only to be used on the dashboard. Each time you want to navigate the dashboard with this method, start by pressing the letter J, which will select the the first visible post in the dashboard, from that on, each time you scroll down, the following post will be selected. Of course this method does not work on mobile devices like Android and iOS for iPad and iPhone

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Action
J you scroll down selecting the following post in the dashbord, each time you press the key, you select the following post
K move backwards/up in the dashbard, doing the opposite action of pressig the J key
L You like the current selected post in the dashboard.
N display the notes for the selected post in the dshboard
shift + r you do a fast reblog, without escaping the current dashboard you are in
x + click You do a fast reblog but in your secondary blogs
shift + e you add the current selected post to the queue
z + tab switches the blog in your dashboard (your own blogs, if you have more than one)
CTRL + SHIFT + Z the icons in that bar thing show up on ur screen like floating there u won’t lose your tumblring spot, creating a fixed top post types bar that never dissapears
Space Bar opens a photoset or video if the post currently selected belongs to that type
Remember, for all the shortcuts to work properly, start pressing the J key, otherwise you won’t have any post selected and the function will not work. Missing-E has other shortcuts different from the ones listed above.

Tumblr Photoset Tutorial Guide

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Tumblr Archive Page New Features Added

Tumblr has rencently modified a bit the Archive Page, making it actually more interesting and easier to navigate, you can find all the new features added below.

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List of Celebrities with Official Tumblr Accounts

Below you will find a list with lots of official accounts of celebrities on Tumblr. We don’t have the complete list but will update as we find more. You can always make a quick search to find if your favorite celebrity or music band is listed here by doing a Ctrl+F on your browser.

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How To Fix The “Error Uploading Photo” Message on Tumblr

This tutorial is all about fixing Pictures (jpg or PNG), Animated GIFs and Photos that get the “Error Uploading Photo” message on tumblr. The GIF files are the harder ones to fix while keeping them as close to the original version as possible.

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